Endless Summer - a boutique gem in the heart of Phuket Town

One thing I still miss from my home country is the abundance of gift stores filled with quirky, novel gifts (which I inevitably ended up buying for myself because I have no self control). So when I saw a recent post on Facebook advertising a new boutique store in Phuket Town I wasted no time heading straight there to check it out.

Endless Summer

You can find Endless Summer on Yaowarat Road, near the intersection with Dibuk Road. There’s ample off-street parking available, so no need to hunt down a space on the road.

The owner, Stéphanie, has done a stunning job ensuring the interior does justice to the gorgeous Sino-Portuguese architecture. This is a store you should take your time in - everything is for sale, right down to the furniture. Each room has its own theme and contains products from all over the world, each carefully hand-selected by Stéphanie (no small feat considering she currently has at least 130 suppliers).

You can find beachwear from Brazil, jewellery from West Africa, designer clothing from Thailand … and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Endless Summer offers intricate handmade children’s costumes, French bath products, unique home decorations and utensils (I confess to falling in love with a pineapple-shaped wooden chopping board), cute nick-nacks - I could go on and on but just trust me on this one and go check it out for yourself.

It’s easy to assume at first glance that everything here is probably in the higher price range but once you start exploring you’ll find there’s something for every budget and style. So don’t rush, take a seat and enjoy a coffee (yep, there’s even a coffee shop inside) then spend some more time browsing each room. I was able to find Christmas gifts for my friends, young siblings … and *ahem* myself - there’s really nothing like finding everything you need in just one place!

Endless Summer, Phuket Town

Stéphanie has big plans for Endless Summer. A makeup artist by trade, she is considering offering small, personalised makeup workshops for 4-5 women on the upper floor in the not-too-distant future. There are even whispers of possible French and Thai cooking classes on the menu. So be sure to watch this space, there are exciting things on the Endless Summer horizon.