EVENT: Swap Shop - Beach Edition Cafe, 12 Jan 2019

If you’re anything like me, you may have a silly amount of clothing that you never wear but would never dream of throwing out because deep down in your heart you still love it … even if it doesn’t love your body so much anymore. I’ve always struggled to let go unless I know it’s going to someone who will love it just as much as I did (usually my big sister, who never says no to my hand-me-ups).

Well, you can now start gathering those items in preparation for the upcoming Swap Shop, organised by Phuket resident Kylie Millar and kindly hosted by the Beach Edition Cafe in Chalong. The Swap Shop isn’t limited to just clothing - you can also bring along pre-loved (in good condition) shoes, bags, accessories, books, DVDs and games.

Swap Shop Jan 2019.jpg

Swap shops are popping up all over the world now as an environmentally friendly way to “shop”, ensuring unwanted items don’t go to waste - all while costing participants nothing.

This is sure to be a fun event, a fantastic way to update your wardrobe and an opportunity to meet some of the wonderful women who live here in Phuket. But if you can’t make it to this particular Swap Shop don’t stress - Kylie has assured us that there will be many more similar events to come.

About the venue:

Beach Edition Cafe is a new coffee shop located in Chalong (on Patak Road, not too far from Chalong circle). They host all kinds of events like Ladies’ Nights, Teachers’ Night and support local artists with Open Mic and Poetry Nights, as well as occasional weekend workshops. Like and follow their Facebook page to keep up with everything they have going on.