EVENT: Phuketstagram InstaMeet, 29 Dec 2018


If you’re at a loss what to do this weekend, come join Phuketstagram’s InstaMeet in the heart of Phuket’s Old Town this Saturday.

If you’re not familiar with the concept, an InstaMeet is where a group of people who use Instagram get together to explore and take photos together - these events take place all over the world. I joined a local InstaMeet myself a couple of years ago and made some new friends, discovered new street art and we all enjoyed a drink together at the end - it was a fun afternoon, even for an anti-social caterpillar like me. The group was a mix of Thais and foreigners, long-term Phuket residents and newbies, Phuket bloggers, serious Instagrammers and people like me who were just roped into it by a friend.

If you have a spare few hours this Saturday afternoon, come along to Phuketique at 2pm and see Phuket Town through a different lense.

Phuketstagram Instameet Dec 2018.jpg